Lectures and Conferences

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“Le cinéma et la diversité culturelle et religieuse” L’apéro des idées. Alliance française. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“In Ordinary Life: Buddhism and Film” Tricycle Magazine Buddhist Shorts Film Festival. New York, New York.

“Death, Dying, and Getting Eaten: On the Ethics of Eating Animals” in Death, Dying, and End-of-Life Care. 

Prof. Liz Wilson. Miami University. Oxford, Ohio. (Also offered in 2016 and 2017.)

 "The How as the What: Buddhist Studies and Communicating Across Boundaries in the Humanities" 

Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies. Baltimore, Maryland.

"Poetry and Religion in Medieval China" 

Lecture for World History III: The Rise of the East. Prof. Donald Ostrowski. Harvard Extension School.

“Integrating Art-Making: Film and Academia”

Talk at Question + Create: Harvard Alumni Arts Weekend. Cambridge, MA.

 "Buddhist Monastic Life: What You Get When You Give Up" 

Lecture for Religious Dimensions in Human Experience: Myth, Methods, and Understanding the Sacred Good. Prof. David

Carrasco. Harvard Extension School.

“Zhi Qian, Kumarajiva, and Xuan Zang: Translators and Translation Styles” 

Lecture for Vimalakirti Sutra Translation Seminar. Dharma Realm Buddhist University Summer School.

"The Advent and Spread of Buddhism" 

Lecture for The Dawn of Civilization. Prof. Donald Ostrowski. Harvard Extension School.

“Dunhuang and the Arts of Enlightenment” 

Lecture for Introduction to World Religions. Prof. Christopher Queen. Harvard Summer School.

“The Perfectly Imperfect: Buddhist Ideals in Miyazawa’s Milky Way Railroad 銀河鉄道の夜” 

Annual guest lecture for Introduction to Ministry Studies. Harvard Divinity School. (Also offered in 2011, ‘12, ‘13, ‘14.)

"Learning to See With One's Own Eyes: Buddhism and the Filmic Imagination" 

Lecture for Anthropology and Film.Prof. Jayasinhji Jhala. Harvard University.

"Visuality and Exploration" 

Lecture for Anthropology of Exploration. Prof. Jayasinhji Jhala. Harvard University.

“Chinese Buddhism and Buddhism in North America: A Comparison” 

Lecture at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia. Sunway University. Bandar Sunway, Malaysia.

“Women ru he yan jiu mei zhou fo jiao?: ‘Min zu fo jiao’ yu ‘gai xin fo jiao’ de jie shao yu pi ping. 我們如何研究美洲佛教?: ‘民族

佛教’ 與 ‘改信佛教’ 的介紹與批評” (How Do We Study North American Buddhism?: An Introduction and Critique of the ‘Ethnic

Buddhism’ and ‘Convert Buddhism’ Models) 

Lecture at the Hua she yan jiu zhong xin 華社研究中心 (Center for Malaysian Chinese Studies). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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“Temporal Density: Buddhist Perspectives on Temporality and Film”

International Conference on Religion and Film. Saint Mary’s University. Halifax, NS.  

“Religious Studies in the Public Sphere: Public Intellectuals in Religion, Film, and Television”

Annual Conference of the American Academy of Religion. Denver, CO.

What Do Buddhists See When They Look at Animals? Olfaction and the Transspecies Imagination in Modern Chinese

Buddhism" Buddhists Beasts: Reflections on Animals in Asian Religions and Culture. University of British Columbia.

Vancouver, Canada.

“Communal Connections: Human and Non-human Communities in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (萬佛聖城 Wanfo

Sheng Cheng)” Annual Meeting of the Communal Studies Association. Zoar, Ohio.

“An Alternative to the ‘Westernization’ Paradigm: The Buddhist Conquest of the West and the Chinese Buddhist

Imaginaire” Buddhism in the Global Eye: Beyond East and West. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, Canada.

“In Other Words: Reflections on Pedagogy and Translation” 

The 2016 Dunhuang Sutra Transmission and Translation Conference. Dunhuang Research Academy (敦煌研究院) and The

Woodenfish Foundation. Dunhuang, Gansu, China.











“Aspirational Failure and Experiments in Buddhist Living: Recent Fieldwork with the Fajie Fojiao Zonghui 法界佛教總會” 

Great Encounter: A Symposium in Celebration of Victor Sōgen Hori. McGill University. Montreal, Canada.

  “The Avatamsaka Sagely Monastery (華嚴聖詩): Sacred Geography, Monastic Living, and Alternative Globalizations” 

Annual Meeting of the Communal Studies Association. Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

“Dong xi ji qi liang: Mao dun ‘zi ye’ zhong de guang, re, dian.東西跡豈兩:矛盾 “子夜” 中的光, 熱,電 (Tracing Binaries of East and

West: The Metaphors of Light, Heat, and Power in Mao Dun’s Zi Ye)"

Chinese in the Humanities Student Symposium on Modern Chinese Literature. Harvard University and Fudan University (復旦大

學). Cambridge, MA, Shanghai, China.

“The End of the Buddhist Path: Teleology and Temporality in the Lotus Sutra” 

Once and Future Worlds: Making and Breaking History, 17th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference. Concordia

University. Montreal, Canada.

 “The Avatamsaka Sagely Monastery (華嚴聖寺): Preliminary Findings” 

Colloquium on Consecrated Life in Canada: What is the Future? McGill University. Montreal, Canada.


 "Screening and discussion of 'The Trap' (dir. Lina Verchery)"

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.