Peer-Reviewed Publications

"Like and Unlike: Rebirth, Olfaction, and the Transspecies Imagination in Modern Chinese Buddhism"

in Buddhist Beasts: Reflections on Animals in Asian Religions and Culture. Reiko Ohnuma and Barbara Ambros, eds. Forthcoming.

"An Alternative to the ‘Westernization’ Paradigm: The Buddhist Conquest of the West and Chinese Global Imaginaires”

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other publications

“How to Film Buddhism, According to Buddhism: An Interview with Lina Verchery”

Interview by Matthew Abrahams for Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, January 2019.

cultic images.jpg

French-to-English Translation of A History of Cultic Images in China: The Domestic Statuary of Hunan.

         Monograph by Alain Arrault. New York: Columbia University Press. 2019.




“Reflections on Fieldwork and Film: Studying the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (法界佛教總會) in Malaysia”

in Eastern Horizon. Vol. 45 (Jan 2015).

Imaging the Ineffable: Representation and Reality in Religion and Film. Harvard Mahindra Humanities Center Conference Proceedings.

Lina Verchery, Zoe Kelly-Nacht, eds. 2015.




“People, Places, and Things: Negotiating the Ambiguity of Iconic and Aniconic Imagery in Hinduism and Buddhism”

in Canons: The McGill Undergraduate Journal of Religious Studies, 2004.