Lina Verchery is a scholar of religion and an independent filmmaker.


Lina Verchery is an award-winning filmmaker and doctoral candidate in Buddhist Studies at Harvard University. Her research explores Buddhist theories of sociality, moral cultivation, cosmology and interspecies ethics in contemporary Buddhist monasticism in China and throughout the Chinese diaspora. Her areas of expertise include Buddhist Studies, Chinese Religions, Monasticism, Modernity and Transnationalism, Post-humanism, Media Ethnography (Theory & Production), and Religion and Film. Complete CV available by request.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

"Like and Unlike: Rebirth, Olfaction, and the Transspecies Imagination in Modern Chinese Buddhism"

in Buddhist Beasts: Reflections on Animals in Asian Religions and Culture. Reiko Ohnuma and Barbara Ambros, eds. Forthcoming.

"An Alternative to the ‘Westernization’ Paradigm and Buddhist Global Imaginaires”

in Buddhism in the Global Eye: Beyond East and West. John S. Harding, Victor Sōgen Hori, Alexander Soucy, eds. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019.

"Blindness, Blinking and Boredom: Seeing and Being in Buddhism and Film"

in Religions. Special Issue: Practicing Buddhism Through Film. Francisca Cho, ed. 9.8 (2018): 228.

Lectures and Conferences

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Invited Lectures












“Le cinéma et la diversité culturelle et religieuse” L’apéro des idées. Alliance française. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“In Ordinary Life: Film as Buddhist Practice” Tricycle Magazine Buddhist Shorts Film Festival. New York, New York.

“Death, Dying, and Getting Eaten: On the Ethics of Eating Animals” in Death, Dying, and End-of-Life Care.

Prof. Liz Wilson. Miami University. Oxford, Ohio. (Also offered in 2016 and 2017.)

"The How as the What: Buddhist Studies and Communicating Across Boundaries in the Humanities" 

Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies. Baltimore, Maryland.

"Poetry and Religion in Medieval China" 

Lecture for World History III: The Rise of the East. Prof. Donald Ostrowski. Harvard Extension School.

“Integrating Art-Making: Artistic and Academic Practices”

Talk at Question + Create: Harvard Alumni Arts Weekend. Cambridge, MA.

 "Buddhist Monastic Life: What You Get When You Give Up" 

Lecture for Religious Dimensions in Human Experience: Myth, Methods, and Understanding the Sacred Good. Prof. David

Carrasco. Harvard Extension School.

“Zhi Qian, Kumarajiva, and Xuan Zang: Translators and Translation Styles” 

Lecture for Vimalakirti Sutra Translation Seminar. Dharma Realm Buddhist University Summer School.




Meditation, Mindfulness and Modernity: Zen Practice in Global and Historical Perspective. Harvard University.

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (六祖壇經) Translation Seminar. Dharma Realm Buddhist University.


Studying Japanese Religions Through Modern Fiction and Film. Harvard University.


Senior Thesis Supervisor for Harvard College Senior Thesis in Religion Honors Program. Harvard University.


The Religious Traditions of China and the Category of ‘Religion’. Harvard University.


* Teaching Portfolio, including sample syllabi, course evaluations, and statement of teaching philosophy, available by request.


Knowing Animals: Buddhist Resources for a New Interspecies Ethics. Head TA for Professor Janet Gyatso. Harvard University.

Anthropology 1400: Quests for Wisdom: Religious, Moral, and Aesthetic Searches for the Art of Living. Head TA for Professors Arthur Kleinman, Michael Puett, Davíd Carrasco, Stephanie Paulsell. Harvard University.


2017 & 2015

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Lina Verchery's documentary, experimental, and educational works explore religion, language and cultural identity.


Lina Verchery's works have been featured in-market at the Cannes Film Festival, the Montreal International Documentary Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, le Festival International du Cinéma Francophone en Acadie, the Atlantic Film Festival, Le Festival Interceltique Lorient, le Forum International de la Francophonie à Québec, le Congrès Mondial Acadien, Athens International Film and Video Festival, the Salem Film Festival, Harvard Arts First!, as well as on television networks including the Oprah Winfrey Network, Bravo!, TV5 Monde, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Télévision Radio-Canada, and TV Ontario.


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